Gay Desert Hot Springs

Take A Look At The Famous Nude Bowl of Desert Hot Springs. It Used To Be Part Of A Nudist Colony.

Posted on June 25, 2022

The “Nude Bowl” abandoned inground swimming pool for skateboarding.

Guillermo Arce

Out in the middle of nowhere of Desert Hot Springs, California, the Nude Bowl is a very popular spot for skateboarders. It gets its name nude bowl because this was a nudist resort at one time. The resort was closed down and left, the building demolished but a few things remained…a strange boomerang looking concrete slab that has some skateboarder engineered grind rails and other obstacles to skate. Some random objects like a small boat, old tents and a dirt road leading to the main attraction, the kidney shaped inground swimming pool covered in graffiti. This pool is very steep and a little tricky to skate. Its been buried a few times also by police or county workers due to the high volume of people that would come out to this spot. I was told by some locals that the skaters will come out here and remove any dirt or rocks the county tries to fill it up with, patch holes and repair the pool just to have a place to have concerts, camping, partying, skateboarding and bmx. Temperatures reach the hundreds in the summer but you will still see people out there shredding the bowl.