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Registration Is No Open For DAP Health’s Health Equity Walk (Formerly known as the Desert AIDS Walk) – October 28th, Ruth Hardy Park

Posted on September 4, 2023

Thousands to “Walk Out Loud” at DAP Health’s 2023 Health Equity Walk

Consistent with DAP Health’s almost 40-year history of protecting and expanding access to health care, the organization has renamed its perennially popular Desert AIDS Walk the DAP Health Equity Walk as an affirmation of its mission to removing all barriers to care. Presented by the Desert Care Network, this year’s walk will take place throughout Palm Springs, kicking off at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, October 28 from Ruth Hardy Park – and will feature a Health & Wellness Village sponsored by Walgreen’s. 

The DAP Health Equity Walk is an opportunity for residents across the Coachella Valley to walk out loud so that everyone, regardless of their background, has the opportunity to live to their full health potential. Race, class, gender, or other social circumstances should not systematically make it more difficult to attain good health. 

Together we can take a stand in helping to create a more just system where everyone has the opportunity to achieve optimal health.

Participants and supporters of the 2023 DAP Health Equity Walk are being asked to do the following:   

Walk Out Loud to End HIV. HIV/AIDS care, testing, and prevention have always been at the heart of DAP Health mission, and that simple fact will never change. Our clinical expertise has been hard-won from our vast experience, and is what has enabled us to expand as we have.   

Walk Out Loud For LGBTQ+ Care. Every stripe of the rainbow, including those seeking gender-affirming care, have continually found a safe haven here, free of shame and stigma. 

Walk Out Loud For Women’s Health. The recent acquisition of the Borrego Health system has brought a multitude of clinics that serve women (and their children) into the DAP Health fold. We are very proud to now boast robust OBGYN and pediatric services, among many others. 

Walk Out Loud For Mental Health. Thanks to the 2022 opening of the Marc Byrd Behavioral Health Clinic — which offers in-person and telehealth individual and group psychotherapy, as well as medication management — this long-held DAP Health dream is now a reality.  

Walk Out Loud to Care For EveryoneHealth equity means all people have the same access to health care, no matter what social determinants of health negatively impact them. At DAP Health, everyone is welcome, with no one ever turned away due to their inability to pay.  

Walk Out Loud to End Epidemics. This has forever been DAP Health’s superpower, as it swiftly and successfully addressed a number of community health crises. For instance, its on-campus COVID-19 clinic was the first to open in the Coachella Valley, and the nonprofit successfully lobbied the powers that be for the community’s fair share of the much-needed mpox vaccine. 

Walk, Out Loud

“Join us! Walk and raise your voice for Health Justice. Lace-up your walking shoes, join arms with your community and be an advocate for change. DAP Health is health care because you care.” – DAP Health CEO David Brinkman.

Register. Walk. Donate!  

Your support helps provide comprehensive and compassionate health care to people across the Coachella Valley!

DAP Health Equity Walk Schedule

Registration:  Opens at 7:00 AM

Urban Yoga: 7:30 AM

Walk Kick Off: 9:00 AM

Health & Wellness Village: Opens at 8 AM till 1 PM

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