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Re-Elect Nancy S. Wright Director, Mission Springs Water District

Posted on October 20, 2022

Nancy is the “Wright” person for the job

Most Experienced

Most Dedicated

Nancy has Proven to be Fair, Honest &Intelligent

Keep our Water in Good Hands. Please Vote Right…Vote Nancy Wright.  Do not fall for the Deceptive Campaign my opponent is using to try to mislead you.  All she knows about our water is you drink it. Keep our Water District Independent

Keeping Local Control of our Destiny

Nancy Wright, who currently serves as vice president of the Mission Springs Water District Board of Directors, is seeking reelection in Division 1 She and her husband, Pete, have owned a local construction company since 1977.For more info, please visit my website at;

Born in Long Beach, CA attended CSU Long Beach, moved here in 1973 where I met and married my husband and we raised our two children.  I have always been an active member of the community and a DHS Women’s Club member since 1987.   Since 1988 a MSWD Board member, I have been appointed by four Governors to the Regional Water Quality Control Board, Colorado River Basin Region was   confirmed by the Senate on 8/22/2022, by a 39-0 vote.  Coachella Valley Conservation Commission, Commissioner.   Riverside County LAFCO Commissioner, since 2012.   DHS Groundwater Guardians, founding member.   PSUSD “Shiny Apple” awards recipient.  

Why are you running for MSWD Board? Experience and dedication really matters when it comes to our water.  Being a Board Member of the California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Colorado River Basin Region for 15 years makes me uniquely qualified, for the job.  Water is a precious resource, water is life and needs to be managed by a qualified and experienced person, and I am that person.  My historical knowledge of Mission Springs Water District is unprecedented and gives me the ability to make good decisions about our water by learning form past and understanding how to plan for the future.  I know how to supply us with safe and clean water at the lowest possible costs and I am committed to working with you and on your behalf for our water.  

What are your priorities, if elected? Water is my #1 priority.  At this point in time, I would have to say, due to the drought and the need for groundwater replenishment water and the $68 Million Grant MSWD was awarded is paying for 100% of the construction costs for our new MSWD Regional Water Reclamation Facility and related infrastructure, a priority would be to take the next step and invest in upgrading the plant to be capable of treating the water so it can be recycled for our benefit and the benefit of the Coachella Valley as a whole.  Recycling our water will provide us and in the future with a more reliable source of sustainable water that will provide us with a more reliable and sustainable water supply.  Looking for and implementing fun water awareness educational and fun programs for children and their families.     

How can MSWD serve this fast growing population? MSWD has been preparing for the future.  We will continue to look for grants to help lower the cost of necessary infrastructure which lowers the cost of water for present and future customers.  Since our only source of groundwater replenishment water is imported water from the Colorado River which is in a drought condition, we need to reuse and recycle our water which is the only other viable source of new water available to us and will help keep our groundwater basins healthy to help serve our fast growing community.  

How do you think MSWD is handling the states historic drought conditions, and how should conservation fit into MSWD’s mission?  What additional actions. If any, would like MSWD to take on conservation?  MSWD has a Drought Contingency Plan in place that was coordinated with the Coachella Valley Integrated Regional Management Group so that there is a sense of consistency throughout the whole Coachella Valley with our conservation and drought regulations.As the drought continues and the Governor calls for stricter drought regulations, most of our customers are already in compliance with the current regulations and MSWD has some of the lowest gallons per day per capita in the valley.  We need to keep looking for money to offer our residential customers incentives to help them conserve water inside and outside their homes and commercial and industrial customers, as well.   Continuing with our water awareness programs, such as, MSWD’s Water 101 at the DHS Library and our Groundwater Guardian Program working with the Palm Springs Unifies School District and the Wildlands Conservancy, implementing our in classroom and field trip programs to inspire students and their families to care for and about their groundwater, will always be a big part of MSWD duties to our community.  It is a way of life.  

Where do you stand with MSWD’s litigation with DWA over groundwater management and the general roll of DWA in the DHS area? The MSWD jurisdiction overlies all four groundwater basins of the Coachella Valley, which gives MSWD the rights to, manage, pump from and replenish all four basins under its jurisdiction.  So why would anyone give that right up?   Better question is, why has Desert Water Agency worked so hard to try to take those rights away from MSWD?  DWA has no connection or sense of community with MSWD customers. One thing I have learned about the dynamics of water in the Coachella Valley is no one really cares about our water like we do, here at the local level.  MSWD is a County Water District formed to manage the water supply it provides to its customers since 1953 when it was formed by a vote of the people.    DWA was formed by a vote of the California Legislators in 1961 as our State Water Contractor to collect property taxes and fees to bring the State Water Project infrastructure and its water to the groundwater basins within the MSWD boundaries.      Keeping local control of our water is keeping control of our own destiny.  

Earlier this week MSWD reached a settlement agreement in a class action lawsuit to meter registers failure that began in 2019.  What needs to happen to ensure a similar lawsuit doesn’t happen again and what are your thoughts on general topics of water rates in MSWD? No one can ensure that a similar lawsuit doesn’t happen again.  Some people consider water districts as deep pockets but MSWD is a publicly owned utility and it is really their own money that pays for it all.  The last cause of action left in the lawsuit was about the 2 tier rate formula MSWD used to estimate usage for residential customers who water meter batteries prematurely failed.  The 2 tiered rates are considered to be an Industry Standard and would hold up in court.  Debating that in the courtroom could take years and lots of attorney fees, so MSWD weighed the economic benefits to our customers, verses winning the lawsuit.  It is the fiduciary duty of the MSWD Board to take the least costly avenue possible and that is what the Board did, even though we felt we had a winning case.  Our award winning best tasting water that has won 3 Gold, 4 Silver and 3 Bronze medals that MSWD provides, protects and preserves for our customers, costs less than a penny per gallon.  That is a real deal compared to bottled water that costs around $2.00 per gallon with less health regulations than our water.     

Exercise your right to vote on November 8th