LGBTQ+ Friendly

DHS has a very gay-friendly Mayor and City Council. Our Mayor, Scott Matas, values dialogue with our community and encourages us to be active in city initiatives.  On June 21, 2022, the City of Desert Hot Springs proclaimed June of 2022 as LGBTQ+ Pride Month and presented its first-ever Pride proclamation to DiversityDHS.   DHS has a gay-friendly City Government with LGBTQ representation in the City workforce at the highest levels. Our City government has sponsored, funded and participated in numerous Pride festivals and events here in DHS, and our Mayor and City Council have even ridden in the Palm Springs Pride Festival. DHS also benefits from a gay-friendly Police Department. Our Chief of Police has been active in promoting town halls for the LGBTQ community where the Police and residents can discuss issues in a calm and friendly environment. Gay residents also serve on City commissions and committees. Because of the openness of the Coachella valley, members of the LGBTQ community flock here. Because of the openness of our City government, gay residents of DHS can become actively involved in the future of their city. Gay residents can have impact in DHS, and they do.