Health & Wellness Destination

The City of Desert Hot Springs is committed to becoming a world class health and wellness destination based upon its famous miracle waters, unique desert ecosystem, spectacular mountain views, and natural environment. DHS is located on the famous San Andreas Fault. The ground shakes just a little bit every now and then, but it also gives us lots and lots of hot water right out of the ground. All of that hot water fuels the spa hotel industry that made DHS famous. Currently, there are nineteen spa hotels (including vegan and clothing-optional ones) in DHS serving travelers from all over the world who come here to soak in our mineral-rich hot water. Not only can you soak in our water, but you can drink it too. That’s because we have under-ground cold water springs that are just as pure as our hot water springs. And it tastes delicious too. So delicious, in fact, that our municipal drinking water has won gold, silver, and bronze medals over the last few years in an annual international water competition. In 2020, DHS’ water was voted “Best Tasting Municipal Water in the World” at the 30th Annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting, beating out over 100 waters submitted from all over the world.  Come to Desert Hot Springs to be pampered, to heal, and to rejuvenate.  You will leave, if you ever leave, a different person.