Riverside County is one of the top destinations for professionals and business owners moving away from San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County due to rising home prices in those cities. Many residents who could “telework” from home continue to do so, especially if they still work for companies that are located elsewhere. While many of the same employers you typically see in other parts of the country are located here, our local economy relies to a great extent on tourism. Residents of DHS work throughout the Coachella Valley in tourism, healthcare, education and retail, and in DHS itself, they often work in our spa hotel and cannabis industries. Many commute to Los Angeles and San Diego.

We grow a lot of marijuana in Desert Hot Springs, and that’s where a lot of the jobs are.  Lots of them.  And many more are coming.  The most common industries in the Coachella Valley are tourism, agriculture, construction accommodation & food services. According to DataUSA.com, the most common jobs held by residents of Desert Hot Springs, CA, by number of employees, are Sales & Related Occupations, Building & Grounds Cleaning & Maintenance Occupations, and Office & Administrative Support Occupations. The highest paid jobs held by residents of Desert Hot Springs, by median earnings, are Health Diagnosing & Treating Practitioners & Other Technical Occupations, and Computer & Mathematical Occupations.  The cannabis industry employs hundreds of DHS residents, and is always hiring.  Our new Amazon warehouse distribution center, one of the largest in the country, will employ upwards of 1,800 employees over the next year or two.