Cannabis Capital

We grow a lot of pot here. We smoke a lot of pot here. Grandma and Grandpa smoke a lot of pot here! Desert Hot Springs was the first city in Southern California to legalize medical marijuana cultivation, and has become a desert powerhouse for cannabis growers, developers and dispensaries, all of whom actively recruit and hire local residents. Cannabis is one of the largest sources of tax revenue for our City government, followed by the spa hotel industry, and “cannabis tourism” is becoming a major part of DHS’ economy.  Our cannabis is very high quality.

Desert Hot Springs has grown its cannabis economy faster than most other Cities in California. As the first City in Southern California to legalize cannabis cultivation, innovation and a business-focused outlook has been key to the City’s business development strategy for many years.

There are already 350,000 square feet of cannabis businesses in Desert Hot Springs, with as much as 350,000 more forecasted to come online by 2021-2022. Many of the most popular brands of cannabis are grown here in DHS. You can find nine or more dispensaries in DHS, one of the heaviest concentrations of dispensaries per population, in California.

Come to Desert Hot Springs for a cannabis experience like no other.  We even have cannabis entertainment!