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Men of Desert Hot Springs Meetup Group – A Message From It’s Founder Sam Messler

Posted on January 7, 2023

Join Us at our monthly Tea Social on Sunday, January 8 at Dillon’s Burgers ‘n Beers (on Dillon Road between Palm Drive and Indian Canyon in Desert Hot Springs 92240) for a couple of hours of fun with friends hosted by DiversityDHS, Your LGBTQ+ Connection in Desert Hot Springs.

All supporters are welcome. It begins at 3 p.m. Bring your friends as you’ll make new friends. DiversityDHS will be looking for volunteers to help plan the 2023 Desert Hot Springs Pride Festival, so be sure to sign up. Planning meetings are the 2nd Saturday of each month at the Desert Hot Springs Library on Palm Drive from 3 to 5 p.m. Bring your ideas as well as your friends.

Also, seeking new organizers for the Men of Desert Hot Springs & Coachella Valley Meetup. It’s truly simple and rewarding. Contact Sam at Training provided. With so many Gay Men moving to Desert Hot Springs, the group helps connect guys with opportunities to make friendships who otherwise would never meet. Events are either clothing-optional or clothing-mandatory depending upon how private or public they are. Contact Sam now for more information. He’s open to meeting and chatting over a cup of coffee or at the Tea Social.

See you at Dillon’s. In diversity, Joey Robinson, President, DiversityDHS