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Medical history made by Desert Hot Springs man

Posted on May 3, 2023

Paul Edmonds, right, with Dr. Ahmed M. Aribi. (Photo: City of Hope)

🩺 Medical history made by Desert Hot Springs man

A Desert Hot Springs man is telling his story after becoming the fifth person in history to enter remission from HIV.

  • Paul Edmonds joins four others, including the late Timothy Ray Brown of Palm Springs, who entered remission. Edmonds’ story is unique among those in remission: At 67, he is the oldest among them and has had HIV the longest.
  • Edmonds had HIV for more than 30 years and was recently diagnosed with leukemia. He received a stem cell donation from a donor with a rare genetic mutation that made the cells resistant to most HIV infections. Soon after the transplant, Edmonds received word that his leukemia was in remission, and after careful monitoring, his HIV had also gone into remission. He has since been able to stop taking his HIV medications.
  • Bottom line: Researchers hope that the success Edmonds experienced can be replicated, especially considering his age, cancer diagnosis, and the length of time he had HIV.

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