Gay Desert Hot Springs

Mayor Scott Matas Supports The Desert Hot Springs LGBTQ+ Community. This Is Why You Should Vote to Re-Elect Him.

Posted on July 10, 2024

Scott Matas is normal. He’s a decent person who cares about other people.  He doesn’t hate, he doesn’t “go after people”, doesn’t try to humiliate or control or bully anyone in public or in private.  He isn’t an obstructionist, he isn’t an agitator, he isn’t a dictator. He doesn’t want to harm trans kids, or adults for that matter. He doesn’t treat the LGBTQ community as sinners or consider them to be second class citizens who can be discriminated against. On the contrary, he hangs out with us. He doesn’t pick fights or try to humiliate or talk-down to people. He doesn’t try to intimidate the other Council Members. He doesn’t go online to bad-mouth anyone, or criticize his own City. He has decorum and maturity. He doesn’t explode or act deranged or constantly look for opportunities to draw attention to himself. He doesn’t make up facts. He is emotionally secure and mentally stable. He’s no Trumper or MAGA lover. He’s not a conspiracy theorist. There’s nothing toxic about him. He’s just a family man and a hard worker, who cares deeply for the City of Desert Hot Springs and devotes his life to it.  He’s normal.  We need more people just like him. Attend a DHS City Council meeting, or watch one on YouTube. You will see what we mean. He’s normal.

No individual is more experienced or more qualified to be our Mayor than Scott Matas.  Scott’s commitment to community service spans more than 20 years with the Desert Hot Springs Volunteer Fire Company, a two-year presidency at Food Now, and over two decades of coaching and umpiring for Desert Hot Springs Little League.  Scott won election to the DHS City Council in 2007, and was voted Mayor in 2015.  Since becoming Mayor, Scott has overseen the growth of the city’s population to the more than 33,000 residents that we have today. The City of Desert Hot Springs has benefited from Scott’s skilled management of tax dollars and the city’s economic development that have resulted in quality jobs for DHS residents. Scott is respected by our city government’s staff for his management skills and vision, and most importantly, he is respected by the business community and the residents of DHS.  He’s the reason that the roads damaged by tropical storm Hilary are being repaired now and not a year from now.  He got us the money to repair the roads right away. 

Scott has been a tremendous friend of the Desert Hot Springs LGBTQ community.  He’s not afraid of us, he doesn’t hate us, he doesn’t avoid us or ignore us.  On the contrary, he hangs out with us regularly and appoints us to responsible positions on City Commissions and numerous other committees that impact on the future of DHS.  He has a close family member who is a member of the LGBTQ community, so he understands the issues that affect us on a personal level. Scott has marched and ridden in multiple Palm Springs Pride Festivals, proudly representing Desert Hot Springs. How many Mayors do that?  Scott has attended both Desert Hot Springs Pride Festivals, again proudly representing our City Council and showing his support for our community. He was instrumental in facilitating the three very successful Police Open House events for the LGBTQ community that were held at City Hall, the most recent one having taken place just months ago. Scott was instrumental in supporting the appointment of Desert Hot Springs’ first police liaison to the LGBTQ community. We have our own Officer who understands our concerns. That’s a big deal! And Scott also did something that is rarely seen, even in the Coachella Valley: On June 21, 2022 he issued the City’s first Proclamation declaring June 2022 as LGBTQ+ Pride Month.  He’s no Trumper.  MAGA is not a part of his vocabulary.