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Iris Crystals of Desert Hot Springs

Posted on May 19, 2024


Iris Crystals Inc. was founded in 2022 by Robert Raaf, upon moving to Desert Hot Springs, Southern California. Inspired by the natural beauty of the energy vortex and the natural healing power the desert resides atop, Robert yearned to utilize this healing energy source.  

With 25 years of experience in creating and designing jewelry for the LGBTQ+ community, Robert decided to combine his skills, passion for creative jewelry design, and love for crystals, with the power of this positive energy healing vortex.  

To provide the highest quality crystals, Robert spent months doing extensive research on mines across the globe. Early in his study, Robert discovered that many of these crystals found are known to be mined by children, and slave labor workers. 

Understanding that these crystals have the ability to emit and harbor powerful energies from their history, Robert knew he had to locate crystals that were ethically sourced, and fairly traded; to pursue his dream to produce and sell the finest quality products. 

With this in mind, each item is procured from some of the finest Ethically Sourced, Fair-Trade gemstone wholesalers; and Robert buys directly from family-owned mines whenever possible. 

Before Robert begins his wrapping process, he carefully cleanses each gem with an organic sage grown in his backyard, followed by a specialized Shaman clearing spray; derived from a combination of sacred organic sage, and essential oils. Every wire-wrapped crystal is then personally hand-wrapped directly above the Desert Hot Springs energy vortex, yielding highly unique, one-of-a-kind works. 

Because it’s nearly impossible to track the path of every crystal, Iris Crystals donates to international humanitarian organizations to help increase the quality of life.

Iris Crystals’ name derives from Robert’s precious puppy, Iris, who is named after the Goddess of Rainbows. 

Hand-wrapped Crystal Necklaces

Our crystal necklaces are uniquely designed and hand-wrapped in the Positive Energy Vortex of Desert Hot Springs, CA. We have a massive inventory of crystals and minerals to select from. 

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Chakra Hangers

Our chakra hangers are handmade and hand-wrapped in copper wire in the Positive Energy Vortex of Desert Hot Springs, CA. 

Each chakra hanger stone is hand-selected by me to complete the chakra system and create intentions based on the chosen crystals.

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Hand-wrapped Crystal Earrings

We have a large collection of stainless copper-wrapped crystal earrings, each uniquely designed and hand-made in the Positive Energy Vortex of Desert Hot Springs, CA. 

Lose Crystals

Coming soon! 

We will soon be selling an incredible selection of loose stones.