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Fun Facts About California’s Deserts

Posted on June 4, 2022

By Annie A. December 15, 2020. Adventure and exploration await you in the desert. Here are interesting facts about California’s deserts you didn’t know before.

California’s deserts are truly remarkable. Creatures of all sizes sneak through the barren and arid landscape, spindly cacti stretch up towards the sky, the scorching sun makes you long for a drop of water, and the cool night sky blows your mind with its enigmatic stars. The intriguing California desert region is comprised of three distinctive deserts: the Mojave, Colorado, and Great Basin Desert. Each of these places has exceptional characteristics that make them stand out from other deserts. 

Stretching across parts of four different states—California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona—the Mojave Desert encompasses 30 million acres of vast lands. The Colorado Desert spans 7 million acres and is part of the larger Sonoran Desert. As for the Great Basin Desert, it’s the largest one in North America with a size of approximately 135 million acres; the desertland stretches into Nevada, Utah, California, Idaho, and Oregon.