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Do You Need Help With Knowing Who To Vote For In The March 5th Presidential Primary Election? Well, We Can Help You. This is Who We Recommend You Vote For.

Posted on February 24, 2024

You probably just got your ballots in the mail. PLEASE FILL THEM OUT AND MAIL THEM IN RIGHT AWAY. recommends that you vote for the following individuals in the March 5th Presidential Primary.  Why did we select the people below? Because we believe that each of them is the right choice for the Desert Hot Springs LGBTQ+ community, for Riverside County, for the State of California, and for the United States. Obviously, we like the Democrats.

President of the United States – Joseph R Biden

U.S. Senate, full term – Adam B. Schiff

U.S. Senate, partial term – Adam B. Schiff

U.S. Representative, 25th District – Raul Ruiz

State Senator – Lisa Middleton

Member of the State Assembly – Christy Holstege

Judge of the Superior Court – Elizabeth Tucker

County Committee – Vote for up to six – We recommend David Weiner, Mary Ann Andreas, Sylvia Carrillo, Doris Foreman, and Colleen G. Wallace

Measures Submitted to the Voters – Authorize $6.38 million in bonds to  build mental health treatment facilities for those with mental health and substance use challenges.   VOTE YES

This is an important election. Don’t forget to Vote! And when you do, make sure that you vote for people who advocate for us. Vote for people who are not afraid of the LGBTQ+ community. Vote for people who are not intent on hurting us, on erasing us, on outlawing us, on taking away our jobs or our health care or our right to marry. This is a critical year. Vote for Democrats.