Gay Desert Hot Springs

Desert Hot Springs Mayor Scott Matas and Police Chief Jim Henson Speak at DiversityDHS Town Hall. This was the City’s third Town Hall for the LGBTQ Community.

Posted on October 31, 2023

On Monday, October 30th, at City Hall, the City of Desert Hot Springs and the group DiversityDHS held their third Town Hall for the LGBTQ community. The purpose of the event was to discuss current events, including threats against the community, as well as how our police force will defend and protect us.

Roughly thirty residents attended the Town Hall. Also in attendance were Council Member Roger Nunez, Deputy City Manager Doria Wilms, Assistant City Manager Daniel Porras, Deputy Police Chief Steven Shaw, and Erick Becerril, Housing and Community Programs Director. After an overview of national politics that put current events (and threats) into perspective, attendees were given the opportunity to ask Mayor Matas and Chief Henson questions. A major surprise was Chief Henson’s announcement that he has designated an official liaison between the DHS Police Force and the LGBTQ community, something made possible by our force finally being fully-staffed (more on that later). This is a very good thing for the Desert Hot Springs LGBTQ community, and it shows how much our City leadership values our community.

Almost two hours later, the Town Hall ended. Attendees left feeling good about their City, their Mayor, and their Police Chief. Desert Hot Springs is fortunate to have City leadership that not only values the LGBTQ community, but seeks us out and encourages us to be in the forefront of civic engagement. Thank you Mayor Matas and Chief Henson.