Scan Lost Animals, Inc. was established in July 2022, after our Founder reunited a lost dog named Poppy with his owners by scanning for a microchip at the Humane Society of the Desert. Poppy had been lost for two years. Our Founder's beloved dog, Buddy, has been lost since May 3, 2022. Our Scanner Volunteers are appropriately called The Buddy System. Every animal we save is in the name of our beloved lost pet Buddy.

Who We Are:
We are a non-profit organization offering a free service to the public. Our organization is run by volunteers throughout the USA.

What We Do:
We scan lost and found animals for microchips during off hours when local facilities offering this service are closed or unavailable. If you found a lost animal, please contact us and post it in our Facebook Group.

How We Do It:
Each volunteer uses a universal scanner to locate a microchip on the lost animal. If a chip is found, we contact the owner to reunite the lost animal with its family. We can do all this based on tax deductible donations we receive from people like you.

65810 Hacienda Ave, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240