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ASK JAN PYE! Jan Answers Your Questions And Discusses Issues That Are Important To DHS Voters.

Posted on September 29, 2022

Take a look at Jan’s comments on issues that matter.

Why should people vote for you again?

The existing Council is having great success. Now is not the time to find out what someone else will do now without any evidence of reputation.

Since you are running for City Council again, what is your vision for this term? What do you intend to accomplish?  What is left unfinished from your current term?

  1. Continue to create a strategic homeless plan for our city. Without a strategic plan for our homeless, we cannot effectively attract commercial businesses to allow our contingencies to work here.
  2. To provide a means for all of us to acquire the education to develop the ability to own and keep a home.
  3. Develop Desert Hot Springs as the Sedona of California.

What does the word diversity mean to you?  

What it means is best answered by my actions:

  1. I am mentoring students of all ages, one through Rotary and others through Ophelia, 
  2. I have continued my liaison with DiversityDHS since the founding member, Sam ZzeniaMessler, created the organization.
  3. I have participated in Black History Month and DiversityDHS parades in Palm Springs
  4. I asked Roger Nuñez to run for City Council.
  5. I learned from the Police Chief when the Desert Sun asked me if I wanted someone that looked like me on the force. During a town hall, a Black female as a single parent acknowledges a White officer for keeping her child away from jail and steadily checking on the child. The answer to the Desert Sun is, “I want the Police Chief to pick the best person on our force.”  The reporter asked if I was sure, and repeated yes without stuttering.

Desert Hot Springs has a diverse population.  As a city council member, how do you balance the concerns of such a diverse population, and how do you address those concerns?

I do what is best for everyone. When choosing the division of the District, I attempted to persuade the Council to vote for the best division that was as equal as possible and represented all races.

How does someone combat hate, and what is the role of the city government in fighting hate? 

As a Black person, I believe I would not be alive if I had handled it differently. Intelligence is the best method; the city government has a role when it is responsible for all constituencies.